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For startups, scale-ups and corporates

Bfrank Analytics offers strategic analytical consulting and pure play strategic insights for businesses which want to grow. For startups and scale-ups we mainly do so on an advisory level, but we also have extensive experience cheering you as a business mentor or accelerator manager.

Our corporate clients mainly need specialist knowledge, experience and proven solutions that support their complex projects. To do so, Bfrank co-creates in teams with independent specialists and expert consultants from the ‘Big Four’ in order to make these challenging projects succeed.


For Startups / Scale-ups

Using the Strategyzer methodology Bfrank supports you developing your value proposition, answering ‘which value has your new product to customers, and why?’

We then translate the proposition into a business model, so you know ‘what is my revenue using this proposition?’.

Together with Bfrank you have the first basics for investors.

Every value proposition or business model is based upon assumptions. For your product to succeed or investors to go onboard, you need to test these assumptions.

Bfrank creates and monitors this validation model. In that way Bfrank delivers you the tested facts for investors.

Bfrank develops your qualitative strategic plan including:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Ambitions
  • Projects covering the ambitions

This plan is a very necessary step for (trans)forming companies, whether you are convincing investors or realigning business processes. Our end product is a book-of-words including the steps you need to take and why.

Bfrank makes sure your quantitative business plan fits within your strategic plan by creating a financial model. A month-to-month model including all commercial, operational and financial actions.

And to make sure you walk the talk, Bfrank also delivers a communication plan wherein goals and results are integrated. Let’s do business!

Every startup and scale-up needs a funding tool. Not for your own peace of mind but mainly for your potential investors.

Via this tool you can determine what funding you need from which potential investors. But it also indicates which addition issues you could have being somewhere in the business cycle.

Bfrank makes this tool in co-creation with Finance-for-Startups.

This service is specifically aimed at scale-up clients. Why? After you marketed your first products into the market you most likely would like to expand.

This kind of expanding process organization needs a specific kind of acceleration. Bfrank is the accelerator you need, as we describe all business processes for further growth.

Is your product finished, tested and ready for the market, but are you blown away by all the financial and strategic occurrences? Or do you miss time, money and knowledge to make to product ready for the market?

Hire Bfrank per hour at a low rate, and he will make sure you are ready to roll within a few advices.

Finding it hard to transform your idea or product into a thing the market needs?

For startups and even scale-ups, director Frank Vuijsters can be your one and only Mr. Miyagi. Work with Bfrank as your strategic and financial advisor.

We take care of the hard-financial part, so that you can keep on focusing and realizing your dream!

For Corporates

An established corporate firm does not need a value proposition, however they need to look outside their organization for latest trends and developments, and possible inherited them for growth.

Bfrank offers Outside-In Analyses for those who like to know what is happening in their operating market. Afterwards we could also organize “War-games” to test scenarios – the starting points in a strategic process.

Also for established corporate firms Bfrank develops qualitative strategic plans including:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Ambitions
  • Previous projects covering the ambitions

The output of this plan is a book-of-words, the strategy will be written in words including what necessary steps the company needs to take (departments) and why.

Bfrank is experienced in leading this step-by-step process for you.

A good strategic plan is accompanied by a quantitative business plan.

This financial plan includes a month-to-month overview of commercial, operational and financial actions and their expected results.

Bfrank is experienced in coordinating this process and give experienced advice

After documenting all company’s goals and projects realizing these ambitions, a thorough new strategic plan should concretize some of these projects.

In-house development of these projects are ‘Business Cases’. Outdoor development of these projects are, however, several Merger & Acquisition Cases. Luckily, Bfrank can help you with both.

This service concerns a Value Based Management tool: Bfrank builds and implements a working ‘insights’- application, so your company can analyze product profits and TI/IT platforms in a consistent way.

Together with other specialists and consultants from the ‘Big Four’ consultancy firms, Bfrank delivers such an application for you. Delivering a proven valuable tool, to say the least.

Using their expertise in econometric systems and Big Data information, Bfrank offers your organization a funded and flexible ‘predictive forecast’.

A great and necessary tool that brings well based predictions and analyses to support your gut feeling about a decision, direction or strategic step.

As a big corporate firm, you sometimes feel the burden of your legacy. And yes, old habits die hard.

Bfrank helps your company by taking the lead and give direction in the challenges to reduce legacy and value add innovation.

With more than 30 years of experience Bfrank is your ideal partner for paving the way, whether it concerns cost efficiency or value-add investing.

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