History showed us that successful companies have one thing in common:

Apple, Google, Tesla and Philips all seem to have a DNA that expresses a thriving drive and capability to constantly innovate and thus grow.

Luckily, we are adaptive creatures who nowadays have access to different solutions. This means that we can make opportunities such that innovation and growth can rise everywhere and for everyone.

Bfrank Analytics helps you in creating that opportunity.

What we offer

For all startups and scale-ups who lack money, time or knowledge, but want to take their new product to the market. And for all big corporate firms whose organizational, operational and system legacies influence their potential success:

Bfrank Analytics helps you acknowledge and cash in your business opportunities. As a modern consultancy firm we offer strategic value management consultancy to startups, scale-ups and corporate firms.

Supported Businesses
Strategic Consulting
Business Plans

Our believes

Following the name of director Frank Vuijsters, Bfrank Analytics stands for being frank, factual and faultless. These believes are inherent to our service(s).

Bfrank also believes in the ‘New Economy’ – so besides extensive knowledge and 30 years of experience – working with us gives you:

  • a flexible work ethos
  • competitive hour rates
  • co-created projects with freelance experts and consultants from other consultancy firms.

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2021 © Bfrank Analytics

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